Online Documentation Software for
Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

A Documentation Solution for Caregivers, Nurses, Supervisors, Guardians etc.

Benefits of Using Therap Services

icon-service planningImproved Service Planning & Delivery

Plan services methodically. Then track the delivery of services easily.

icon-analysisCase Analysis – Reports and Trends

Track progress towards personalgoals, therapy and training outcomes.

icon-access controlFine Grained Access Control

Control exactly who can see what

icon-sharingShare and Engage with the Family

Share data with the family and engage them in the process to improve the effectiveness of training and therapy.

icon-storageOnline Secure Data Storage

Data is stored in multiple data centers simultaneously with world class security and access mechanisms.


Protect information integrity and privacy, promote transparency and

Therap Services – Web Based Solution


Therap Services is a web based software that enables special schools and service providers to coordinate and deliver services in the Intellectual Disability field. Therap Services has been developed over the past 12 years, by professionals with vast experience in this field. Therap Services helps its users with documentation and online data storage. Users can track services provided, access data in real time. They can generate reports for further review and analysis. The robust access control feature ensures that employees only see information that they are authorized to see. Organizations can organize, track and analyze their data more productively and efficiently.

Therap Services – Company


Therap Services is a national leader in providing web based solutions to government and private organizations supporting people with Intellectual Disabilities in the US. We have built a web based software solution that accommodates nearly half a million people. Therap Services is a US based company, which has been operating since 2003. The company is also providing the web based application to the countries in Asia. Therap Services provides training, implementation and customer care services – all of which are designed to provide an enriched user experience.

Different Modules of Therap

  • Daily Notes

    Simple, effective way to document and share daily notes.

  • Support/Service Plan

    Facilitates methodical and concise building of support and service plans by providers.

  • Goal/Progress Tracking

    Track the progress of the individuals on the various tasks based on the service plan.

  • Incident Reports

    Record important incidents like like fall and injury.

  • Vital Signs

    Keep a running record of vitals like height, weight, seizure, intake and elimination.

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